Prem chemical Industries - About Us
Prem Chemical Industries, established in 1995 presently manufacturing Barium Carbonate (BaC03) & Sodium Sulphide (Na2S) with the capacity of 1800-2400 Tonnes per Annum. We are well known as one of the highly treasured Barium Carbonate & Sodium Sulphide Manufacturers and suppliers.
We have very skilled and experienced team of professionals who work in satisfying the needs of the company and clients. At present, we are handling business deals with many renowned companies based in various states. All the chemicals manufactured by us have been passed through the severe quality checks. We are very much dedicated in fulfilling the demands of our honorable clients by providing them with the best quality. We can do custom synthesis as per your specifications. You can also send your enquiry for the products. We procure required quantity and quality of products at very competitive rates. We ensure quality, consistency & reliability of our products. As quality is our hallmark and proficiency our motto.
  • The promoter of this company i.e. Mr. Surendera K Jain with his expertise in chemicals laid the foundation of Prem Chemical Industries during the year 1995.
  • By the use of natural gas, depletion of resources were minimised and also the locality was less polluted.
  • We manufacture our products with 100% efficiency in spite of natural gas being our fuel.
  • We started our manufacturing within six months from the date of its foundation.
  • First in barium industry in India to use Natural gas as its fuel
  • We started with the Manufacturing of 30 MT of Barium carbonate and 10 MT of sodium sulphide and today we manufacture 200MT of Barium Carbonate and 75MT of sodium sulphide.
  • We initially had two customers now it’s around 15. We were able to capture the market, in spite of being a young and small manufacturing concern and still we continue to uphold the market creating loyal customers.

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